Welcome to Wimblington & Stonea Parish Council website

The village of Wimblington, lies to the East and West of the A141. And its name means "the farm of Winebealds people". It lies between Doddington and March.
The Wimblington and Stonea village sign designed and carved by Len Hopkins, stands on a small green opposite the junctions of Addison Road, Norfolk Street and Church Street.

Our double-sided sign symbolises the history of the village. The Heron, a native of the Fens, symbolises original marsh dwellers, a keen-eyed expert angler adapted to this watery environment. The Shield portrays the network of Waterways, which provide the Islands of fertile pastures and crops which now flourish as a result. The "Black Oaks" frequently unearthed are reminders of the constant need to conserve the reclaimed land.

The Roman Villa at Stonea Camp is one relic of an early invader repelled by nature. The Norman overlords found little welcome here. The Saxon hero, Hereward the Wake made use of the natural defences of the Fen. Cromwell and his Ironsides made use of the natural fortifications during the Civil War. Then came a more powerful invader in the shape of the Dutchman who laced the Fen with drains and dykes which not only gave birth to the thriving farm industry but provided ample sport with rod and line. On the reverse of the sign are carved 3 columns, Ten Horse Brasses, Heraldry of the Country which tell the story of the village.

This website allows the community of Wimblington to access information about your Parish Council, upcoming plans and general points of interest within the village.
We strive to keep our residents updated with the projects that the Parish Council are currently working on. There is access to minutes on another page on this website where you can get full information.

The Parish Council meets every third Tuesday in the month (apart from August when there is no meeting) at The Parish Hall in Addison Road at 7pm. There is always 15 minutes of each meeting reserved for parishioners to ask questions of the Parish Councillors. If you live in Wimblington Parish, why not come along to the meetings, you will be most welcome.

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